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Efforting vs Allowing

You are either living in a state of "Efforting" or a state of "Allowing". When you are "efforting" you are using your finite energy and your mind to MAKE things happen. We can look around and see that the majority of the Western culture is in this state and we have rampant heart dis-ease to reflect this incongruency to our NATURAL state. It has become "normal", but be mindful that "normal" and "natural" in this case are very different. 

When you are in a state of "allowing" you are co-creating with the Infinite Intelligence that is breathing you and life-ing you. You are allowing the Divine force that is beating your heart, to orchestrate all of the details to assist in the realization of your hearts desires. When you reside in this state, you are operating in the most ultimate efficiency possible, for what could be more efficient than allowing the energy that created YOU in your mother's womb -without her conscious knowing of it? What could be more efficient than the energy that informs the Earth to spin perfectly on It's axis in perfect proximity to a Life giving Sun? Your only job is to be clear about WHAT you want and WHY you want it -all gifts of Free Will - and allow the Universe to handle the WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW. You must also reside in appreciation the majority of the time which will allow this Divine Force to articulate Itself in your personal reality in the form of your dreams being realized. ♥

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Story Addiction

historyyouOne of the primary reasons peoples experiences don´t change is they continue to regurgitate the same story over and over

In the Spirit of finality and completion, may you give yourself the Ultimate gift of moving forward, by telling A NEW STORY! Everything in life is “story” but the most important one is the one you tell yourself. From this story the Universal manager of Law of Response is validating your inner dialogue by delivering to you more of the same. Your NEW reality can only show up by coming into alignment with it and from NO LONGER TELLING YOUR OLD STORY! There are many clever variations of “story addiction” and “indulgence”. In the Spiritual community this shows up in the form of “processing”. In the conventional community in the form of “Therapy”. There is a time and place for this type of support – but solely to bring you into awareness.

In the moment that you are able to “tell your story” and articulate your experience, you have brought the un-conscious into consciousness and have stepped into AWARENESS. Awareness allows you to form a new choice and newfound preference moving forward. But awareness is not enough. From this awareness of newfound choice you must begin to shift your inner ratio of attention to your new preference and begin to tell your new “story”. This is true essence of “Fake It til You Make It”.


Please remember that the Universe is responding to your current vibration and does not know the difference between your past, present and future. It also does not speak English, French or Japanese – but rather the language of ENERGY. It is energetically impossible to focus on what you are “letting go of”, and let go of something. Even though your language suggests your “letting go” or “healing”, your focus is STILL on the very subject that you are “letting go” of or “healing” from. Even though you may think it is beneficial to become Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew – to review what happened to you years ago, or why it happened, or who you attracted characteristics from, or any variation thereof, your attention is still being placed on the very energy, and the very story you are wanting to transform. Law of Attraction will deliver you the same energy over and over again, only in a different package. This is why the quality of most people’s lives never really change.


As you come into the clarity of what you prefer after your personal experience of “irritation”, you are being routed to greater alignment. This is the alignment of your attention on your desires, which becomes your newfound story. This new story should always carry the predominant theme of your true essence of love, joy and connection, and articulate your truest character. From this place the Universe will cast new characters in your Divine Drama to ensure that your new story becomes your reality.

You are powerful beyond measure. This is the most potent time in our evolution. In order for true change to occur on this planet, we must individually begin to take accountability and direction of our greatest commodity – our attention. After all, since we are all creators, we might as well create something beautiful.♥