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If you are tired of New Years resolutions that don´t stick, here’s how you get new results!

Laura shares important realizations as to why most people’s New Years resolutions don’t stick, and how to bring about sustainable results!

​Video Transcription

Hey everyone, I am here in Germany outside of a small village in the forest. 

Just celebrated Christmas, freezing my ass off... But Hey! Why on earth would I be here of anywhere that I could be? Because I am in love! And my heart is warm, so I hope each of your hearts are warm; you’re celebrating your life, and as we approach new year's I just wanted to offer some super loving important reminders, which is: most people start focusing on their new year's resolutions, all the things are going to change, and ends up being quite overwhelming.

Most people will start with those things for the first couple of months and then revert back to old ways, old patterns, so, insanity is of course doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. 

So, if you're ready to write a new book, not just a new chapter in the old book, then what I would highly recommend is you do a progress report, so acknowledge all the amazing things that you accomplish, the amazing shifts and transformations that you had; what you were able to realize in 2016 and then as far as 2017 start focusing on what is most important to you. What is the essence of what you want to feel and you want to experience. And then start doing the practice of non attachment; in other words, let go what you think your life is supposed to look like. Focus on what you want it to feel like. Stay focused on what's most meaningful and important to you; your clarity is one of your superpowers. And then the key is, as a vibrational being, always be on vibrationalmatch.com. Make sure that the majority of the time in your life right now you’re focused on gratitude and what is working. This is a winning combination; the ingredients of those two things will create the recipe of realization in 2017.

Once again, let go of what it's going to look like; allow this amazing energy that governs nature, that governs our life in every moment to orchestrate the details and I promise you it will create magic, and abundance, and joy, and love beyond what you could possibly imagine.

Sending so much love to each and every single one of you. I'm off to Hawaii for a month, then back to California and on to Tulum. 

So, feeling blessed beyond belief and sending love to each and every single one of you. Until next time.

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The Importance of Patience

Laura shares the Priceless reminder to be patient with ourselves and trust the process.

​Video Transcritpion

Hey everyone, it's Laura with the Institute of True Wealth.

I’m here in Berlin, Germany, and I wanted to talk today about the importance of patience. Yes, patience is a virtue. The reason patience is such a value in our personal journeys is because it just feels better to be patient with ourselves. And to trust universal timing or what I call “the divine timeline”. 

When we’re impatient with ourselves, first and foremost, it doesn't feel good; and secondly, as it relates to results, creating, manifesting, we are attracting based on how we feel. So when we’re impatient with ourselves, when we’re not trusting the process, it creates a restriction and turns us in opposition of the flow of well being. So it's really important to be patient with ourselves, to trust the timing.

Remember that your journey isn't about the manifestation of the thing, it's about how you're feeling in the midst of what you're creating. So when we’re patient we actually bring ourselves into alignment, into harmony, with the natural laws and the principles that are governing manifestation and the creative process itself. So when your patient you bring yourself into alignment and you end up co-creating with this amazing creative force that is responsible for the essence of all of life. 

So enjoy your creative journey, be patient with yourself, and trust the process. Until next time.

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Realizing the Gifts within our Struggles

Our Recognition of The Power That Lies Within Each of Us


What an incredible time to be alive. I am eternally grateful for my journey and experiences. My soul contract has often been an intense one, but never once have I felt that my signature was forged.

As I look out and acknowledge the vast blessings that are before me now, I reflect on my darkest moments when I felt I couldn’t go on- being on the brink of suicide, destitute, alone, penniless and pointless.

It was during these intimate moments of despair that I encountered the impenetrable light that is always in the recesses of our unimaginable hardships, awaiting , activated when we feel we can’t take another moment.

It is ironically within this darkness, that we can illuminate the illusion that we have been abandoned, and realize we can never truly be deserted by the love that has birthed us into existence.

In these moments of despair – we surrender, and In “giving up” we GIVE IN to the profound creative force that is governing our lives. We begin to acknowledge that this energy is not outside of us and separate, but rather within us, AS US.

From this state of renewed awareness, we can then choose to become the embodiment – a walking temple of Divine Co-creation, symbolizing this Ultimate Union with love, harmony and trust in our everyday lives.