The epidemic of self neglect in the disguise of ‘service to others’ is up for radical re-examination. As we claim greater awareness of the cost of this form of sabotage, we can reorient and recalibrate.  This alarm clock is one that we can not hit snooze on.
For those of us that have been fixated on ‘service’, we must connect with how this choice of personal well being will play out in beneficial ways in the world.  The direct correlation of who we are as vibrational beings is paramount in order to create new nourishing patterns of self love.
When we care for ourselves, it is then and only then that we are in true service to others.  And then at the core of it all, we realize there is no “other”.
This brings us to the essence of ‘Be the Change You Wish to See in the World’, which is not to be confused with Do The Change at Your Own Expense!
As you claim personal well being and Self love, you will serve as an energetic example and inspiration for others, if they so choose.
Continue on the path of self neglect in service to others and dig an early emotional,  and literal grave for yourself.

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