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Efforting vs Allowing

You are either living in a state of "Efforting" or a state of "Allowing". When you are "efforting" you are using your finite energy and your mind to MAKE things happen. We can look around and see that the majority of the Western culture is in this state and we have rampant heart dis-ease to reflect this incongruency to our NATURAL state. It has become "normal", but be mindful that "normal" and "natural" in this case are very different. 

When you are in a state of "allowing" you are co-creating with the Infinite Intelligence that is breathing you and life-ing you. You are allowing the Divine force that is beating your heart, to orchestrate all of the details to assist in the realization of your hearts desires. When you reside in this state, you are operating in the most ultimate efficiency possible, for what could be more efficient than allowing the energy that created YOU in your mother's womb -without her conscious knowing of it? What could be more efficient than the energy that informs the Earth to spin perfectly on It's axis in perfect proximity to a Life giving Sun? Your only job is to be clear about WHAT you want and WHY you want it -all gifts of Free Will - and allow the Universe to handle the WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW. You must also reside in appreciation the majority of the time which will allow this Divine Force to articulate Itself in your personal reality in the form of your dreams being realized. ♥

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Holidays or Holy-DAZE?

​Stop stressing about buying gifts and focus on the greatest gift!

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There has be in a long standing heritage in our feminine DNA that has had countless women sell out, diminish their own power and acquiesce to assuming roles that are inauthentic.

The most significant form of ‘energetic prostitution’ is in the dynamic that is prevalent with women who are in relationship with men because of money.

I am reflecting on my mother, who negated her own value and worth when she recognized the core mis-alignment in her relationship with my father but didn’t have the courage or confidence to honor her truth and intuition. She choose instead to stay in the relationship even though it wasn’t fulfilling because of a monetary promise my dad made, to take care of her financially.

I believe her Spirit died on that day, when she choose to negate her own path and inspirations and stay in a compromising relationship, for what was inevitably a fleeting sense of security and fulfillment.

Ultimately, she did take her own life in company with my father, because my father convinced her it was the only solution to their money issues.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, I would like to extend deep appreciation for the women who are brave enough to be sovereign, and set a new paradigm and energetic signature for relationship dynamic. Appreciating men, but not needing them and above all, being true to yourself and loving yourself purely, sanely, deeply.

Spiritual Outfit & a Suit

JUDGEMENT has many disguises. One of the most powerful reminders of this was during my recent trip to Morgan Stanley in New York.

I have been told by many what a “tough audience” the financial arena and corporate arena are, and how “they just don’t get it”. This ends up being another example of polarity thinking. A continuation of the US & THEM Syndrome, that continues to perpetuate pain and drama on our planet. I have to admit, I have bought into this notion on a few occasions, especially when I falsely interpret a look on someone’s face when I am presenting.

Right before I gave my talk at Morgan Stanley, I had a man in a suit approach me in the hall and say, that is a lovely “spiritual outfit” you have on. I was a little taken aback (not offended, just thought the comment was “odd”), given that I had “my corporate look” on – black pencil skirt with a silk blouse. After looking at him in his suit, I responded with – “what kind of outfit do you have on?” He replied, one that I wear to make money and support my family. I replied – “An Honorable Outfit”.

After my talk I had a few F.A.’s approach me for private consultations and the “spiritual outfit” man was one of them. After speaking to a few people in the office, I was forewarned that he was a real handful, would talk my head off and essentially was a pain in the ass. I found myself dreading the consultation in his office, for fear that I would be trapped in his office, and in a conversation that felt equally confining.

After being coaxed by the Senior Advisor to just spend a few minutes with him, I entered into one of the most profound classrooms of my life.

No sooner had we shut the door than he shared, with tears streaming down his face- “You have touched by soul more deeply than anyone I have ever met. Your talk took my breath away.”

I was in shock, after expecting to have another version of a shallow conversation about my Spiritual Outfit. Within minutes he was sharing with me that he has Stage 4 Brain Cancer (which only his senior advisor was aware of) and that he was ready to live his life to the fullest and no longer wanted to be a Money Drone. Before I left, he and I were in a full embrace, him weeping and me holding him – one Spiritual Outfit and a Suit.

I now have the humbling privilege of working with this amazing man, to reclaim his life and shift his emotional cancer to remission in his body.

Judgement comes in many disguises…

The experience we all desire, which unifies us all, is that we all want to feel love and be loved. When we realize this, we can remember there are many outfits that are worn in our daily lives, but all of them are just clothing OUR HEARTS.

Are You In Relationship With Potential? Feeling Unfulfilled in Your Relationship?

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Hey beloveds, it’s Laura Fredrickson with the Institute of True Wealth here in Tulum, Mexico, and I wanted to talk about an epidemic that is really running rampant right now, and it's emotional epidemic. It's based within relationships and what I referred to as being in relationship with potential. 

I'm working with a lot of couples, a lot of people right now that are actually leaving their relationships; whether that be in a divorce, any type of a separation because that person that they've been with is not been fulfilling them, and the primary aspect of their focus has been on what they can change about that person, and what they can fix. 

So I just want to remind everybody that our happiness and our fulfillment is a choice. It’s something that we experience from the inside out, not the outside in. Our partners cannot make us happy; we are responsible for that choice. 

I also want to remind everyone that our relationships are merely reflections of the relationship we have with ourselves. So I just invite you if you are in a relationship to create a list of the things that irritate you about your partner. Focus for just a moment, it’s a powerful exercise if done so with deliberate intention; focus on what is lacking in the relationship and create a list of that; create a “no column” of that. And then I invite you to shift your attention to what it is you prefer in that relationship. So you're going to focus on what it is you prefer to experience. That's step one.

Step two is you're going to actually notice whatever those qualities are you going to reflect back to yourself, and you want to make sure that you're actually embodying those qualities the majority of the time. This isn’t about being perfect, but once again, you need to be embodying those in your own life for the most part. Something miraculous will happen when you do that.

Now remember, it takes about 30 days for outward manifestation and new evidence to appear. But once you actually start noticing the things that you’re wanting to experience in your relationship and you bring that back to yourself, I invite you to start giving yourself the very thing that you're wanting your partner to give you. Something magical as I mentioned before will happen, and you'll start to notice that they're actually starting to embody those characteristics as well. 

As the late Wayne Dyer said “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. So I want to welcome everybody to do that. The number one reason you would do that is it’s just going to feel better, and there's nothing more valuable to us than how we feel.

Sending love from sunny, beautiful Mexico, and I hope you have an amazing day. Until next time.

Attention – Your Greatest Commodity

Video Transcription

I was bulimic and anorexic for eight years of my life, and most of my thoughts were based on depression. I mean, I just focused on the negative; I hated my life, I hated my relationship with my parents, I hated my relationship with my dad, I used to fight with my mother all the time, literally fight with my mother all the time, and every single day I would just wake up hating my life.

And what ended up happening is obviously that revealed itself to me in my body and I didn’t want to eat, and I of course was throwing up my food and lost dramatic amounts of weight and it was just a really horrible, horrible experience as you can imagine, and my relationship to my body was, I don’t want to say it forever changed, but for a large period of my life was very, very delicate relationship that I had.

So for me it’s really important to share that these practices of where we place our attention is actually to prevent us for going down the path of disease, and a diseased body which can manifest in many different forms to literal depression, to of course the sickness and the illnesses that our body represent in the form of cancer and all of these other diseases.

For me it’s incredibly important to, while we are well, to continue to do the daily practices of placing our attention on the aspects of our life that are life affirming to us and that feel good to notice.

Self Love

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Love for self, love for myself. It’s an interesting subject, because when I speak about it like that, a lot of people go “God, that’s so selfish,” that is higher selfish because everything in my life is an extension of the relationship I have with myself. 

So the greatest journey I’ve embarked on, and continue to embark on, is absolutely loving myself completely. And that’s an ongoing journey that continues every day.

I have an amazing collection of incredible people that I call my family, that are mirrors for me, incredible realizations about the areas that I’m not fully loving myself when I go into judgment of others, because I realize there’s no such thing as an other; it’s all an extension of me and the relationship that I have with myself and just coming to set your profound realization that it’s all me!

So love me, and I’ve really moved into, I would say, one of the most profound loves and courtships I’ve ever had with myself and with the divine. And I’m so incredibly blessed and the appreciation practices helped to cultivate that romance for me in a very powerful way.

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