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Are You Coming From Fear or Love? Anger or Passion?

Video Transcription

Hey everyone,

I’m here on the Big Island of Hawaii blessed with this amazing black sand beach. The ocean you can hear is right here, and I just emerged from a really powerful workshop, retreats, and Flow Festival, and I wanted to extend a super important loving reminder: there’s a lot of people that are in a lot of fear, and distress, and feeling of powerlessness, and this is such a vital time for us to remember that as sovereign beings the most important choice we can make right now is to attend to our own vibration, and to attend to our own alignment.

And there’s a lot of people that are doing the change they wish to see in the world, so they’re fighting the good fight. And I want to remind everybody that it is energetically impossible to fight your way to freedom. One of the greatest opportunities we have right now is for each of us to attune our attention to the subjects that are most meaningful to us, but what is so essential is that we’re not moving in the direction of those things from a place of anger. And it’s very important that each of use takes accountability and responsibility for shifting that anger to a state of passion.

And what I discovered, the underlying difference and distinction between passion and anger is that when we’re coming from anger there is a sense of powerlessness. And we don’t really believe or trust that our actions will about bring positive results. When we’re coming from a place of passion we’re actually coming from a place of empowerment. And remember: every action that we take there’s a consciousness in which we do it.

So it really distills down to two choices, I believe; are we coming from fear, or are we coming from love. So my encouragement to you is to align your consciousness to subjects that bring about hope and inspiration for you. Action is a beautiful thing if you’re coming from alignment, and as Harold Whitman once said, “don’t ask what the world needs to come alive; ask what you need to come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is for people to come alive”.

We are all on vibrationalmatch.com, we’re all connected, we are all one, take care of yourself, and watch the ripple effect of that go out on the planet.

Let your wings be open, soar, be happy, yes it’s ok to be happy, in fact it’s vital to be happy right now; and from that place of happiness you start as an example for others to choose the same for themselves.

Sending so much love to you.

I just returned from almost a year of travels, Mexico, Europe, Hawaii, and please know that what the media is sharing is actually misinformation; there’s an incredible upraise in consciousness that’s happening right now; people are becoming more and more empowered, they’re standing in their power and they’re making choices from that place, so there’s a lot to be celebrated right now, beginning with ourselves.

So, much love to each and every single one of you. Until next time.

Is Money in Control of Your Life?

It is time for many to commit suicide, but we must leave our bodies out of it.

When our luxuries, pursuit of money and need for external validation began to imprison us, and we become confined in our pursuit of a false sense of ‘security’, we must take an honest look at the fundamental insanity of this cultural inheritance. An energetic hand-me-down that keeps us perpetually in pursuit of FILLfullment and not FULfillment.

This is a profound wake up call for us to relinquish the false identities and walls we have built that distract us from witnessing our innate worth and value, and the essence of what we authentically define as successful. A path that ironically leads to a state of anything but a feeling of freedom. Our opportunity now is to cultivate an inner state of Self assured knowing that is not contingent on external factors.

If we are brave enough to shed the illusory and evasive sense of worth and safety that we have falsely assigned to our accolades and net worth, we can begin to focus on the essence of our beings and that which is eternal. and can allow for our true identities and Self worth to be known, felt and witnessed.

As we relinquish our false identity, and allow for our true identities to be known and witnessed, our essential Self worth will reign supreme ~ a rain maker of love, joy and authentic expression to be shared for the benefit of all.

Patience & The Creative Process

​Video Transcription

Hey everyone, it's Laura Fredrickson with the Institute of True Wealth.

I’m up here in Eden, Utah, Summit mountain. Elevation: epic. Elevation: awesome. 

I’m also just amazed at technology; I have more bars and better reception here than I do sometimes in downtown LA so, kudos to that.

Anyway, you can see this amazing view; so blessed. And just wanted to send some of these blessings your way. 

You know I'm always reminded whenever I am in nature of the pace of grace. And I feel like this is something to really integrate into our daily lives. I know a lot of us are in the process of birthing our gifts, sharing them with the world in amazing projects, and sometimes we can get impatient.

I just always look to nature for the potent reminder that there is a divine order; there is a divine timing. And ironically, the more patient we are, and the more we operate and reside in trust, the easier it is for things to manifest and to come to fruition.

So, just a reminder to enjoy the creative process. It's not about the manifestation of the thing, it's not about the destination as we know, it's about the journey. So enjoy your creative journey and most importantly, remember to love yourself. Every relationship in your life is an extension of that choice. 

Much love to each and every single one of you. Until next time.

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